Wash rinse and re-elect

Here we are. November 2nd 2020 and finally the day has come. This was a long time coming. It’s comforting to know there will be an end to this circus show. Well I hope so at least. Considering the current confusing electoral system our neighbour’s have inherited, we are certain to enjoy a good old […]

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Dating Faux-Pas!

Ever been on a date with some one you hardly know to a restaurant? You did your homework right. He or she seems like they might suit you well. Good looking, nice attributes, seems to have same interests as you and by golly they even have a job! You think to yourself going to a […]

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The Enemy behind your dish

The kitchen, where it all happens. From start to finish the kitchen makes it all happen. They do the preparing, cleaning and cooking of the fine food you eat. They do it all… that’s what the kitchen staff thinks. I am going to start with this, not all staff that I have worked with think […]

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It was about early November in 2009. We had a few reservations in the book. One in particular was a group of twenty people at 7pm. There was a VIP mentioned on the notes of the reservation. Automatically we knew this was going to be a profitable evening. As we we waited for the group […]

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Afternoon Delight

What a beautiful day this was, birds chirping, bees buzzing, sun was shining and the temperature was just right. It was an early start to the shift. I was assigned to work the terrace. I really do like working the terraces in the summer, it feels great to breath in fresh fumes of cars passing […]

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I am your shepherd

Come, come and eat my little sheep. I will be your shepherd and guide you to the green pastures. You have been waiting to see me and thinking of me in that pen. I know you are hungry and want to be well taken care of. I will guide and protect you and bring you […]

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