I am your shepherd

Come, come and eat my little sheep. I will be your shepherd and guide you to the green pastures. You have been waiting to see me and thinking of me in that pen. I know you are hungry and want to be well taken care of. I will guide and protect you and bring you back home safe and sound keeping you safe from the wolf that wants his table back.

Wow that was intense! My mind over thinking things. Can you imagine yourself as a sheep… but can you imagine me as a shepherd feeding the flock.

As a waiter in my experience there are many situations to guide my customers to enjoy the finest foods and best wines their hearts desires. Sometimes I know better than they do what they want. I usually pick up their little food senses and thirst buds before they feel them. Crazy right but that’s what it’s like to really being a master at your craft in the hospitality business. Whether you care for a cocktail to start, a bottle of wine in a certain structure ( and price range $$$) and food you will enjoy without breaking the bank.

You my sheep will trust me and have faith in my intuition. I might make some mistakes along the way but as a good shepherd I will redeem my iniquities. If I fail you I will lose my sheep and this always hurts. I want my sheep to come back and graze in my pastures as it benefits my land (just when you thought I can’t get any deeper).

As the service goes forward there is realization that you have a certain time restraint to respect. So I don’t put too much pressure as to keep this on your mind but help you keep the flow going. Meanwhile the new herd of sheep are starting to come to the pastures to graze. They wait patiently to be served.

At this point hopefully you have already enjoyed your coffee and dessert because your table is starting to be prowled by the wolf.

I know what you are thinking at this point, this guy has smoked way too much of the ganja. Although this might be true I stopped smoking many years back the green stuff. It made me too paranoid and unsocial.

What I mean when I say the wolf, it’s the manager! He or she is coming to give pressure to the client and waiter. He or she needs to turnover the table to seat the next sitting. This is a challenge because not all customers are alike. Some like to hang out and pitch a tent and recount stories of their latest trip with categorized pictures. Even if the bill might be paid this does not mean they shall leave. As a matter of fact they will even abstain from going to the bathroom to avoid to lose the table. At this point the shepherd has lost total patience and lets the wolf come and steal the sheep away.

There are times where the customer does not deserve to be taken away and the shepherd will have a stand off for his sheep and the wolf might go away but the next victim might not have the same fate.

With all due respect the task of a manager is imminent to the restaurant success. They are more like the real shepherd to the staff.

I wasn’t exactly sure why this came to my mind… I think it’s just inspiration about my dedication to my craft. It feels good to set some of these ideas free. One thing is for sure though this post was a little on the weird side my next post which is on my mind will be hopefully shocking. I think this type of analogy about customers will be helpful for my brethren in field. Feel free to criticize and correct just be mindful I cry easy.

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