Afternoon Delight

What a beautiful day this was, birds chirping, bees buzzing, sun was shining and the temperature was just right. It was an early start to the shift. I was assigned to work the terrace.

I really do like working the terraces in the summer, it feels great to breath in fresh fumes of cars passing by and the occasional cyclist almost smashing into me as I carry plates. Good times!

So there I was in my section doing what I do best. It was just about 5:30pm and I had already taken a few orders by this time. Mostly those type of orders that are rushed in order to get to a show. Usually cheap…. ummm I mean very nice customers. Really just kidding! I had a few customers in the corner side which were ladies. They were well served and waiting for some dishes. Meanwhile I had a few tables to explain my dishes which were on the blackboard. The first table I approached was some regular customers who brought their mother ( who was easily 85 years old ) and their little granddaughter.

” Today the specials ladies and gentlemen we have zucchini flowers and stuffed with parmigiano and provola cheeses….”

At this point I heard some noises coming from on top of the restaurant. The window upstairs close by where tenants live was wide open. It started as a small moan. Sounded as if some one had gotten hurt…then there was another moan which was louder.

I realized at this point oh boy some one is having a good time. At this point I focused on continuing my explanations…

“As for my second dish we have wonderful crostini with spinach….”

At this point I couldn’t continue. I said to the customer ” is it me or do you hear what I’m hearing ” and my customer replied ” yes Steve….loud and clear “. Things were getting intense the moans were getting louder and louder. The old lady looked at me and said ” ah la jeunesse…” in other words it’s nice to be young and careless.

Though I didn’t finish all my explanations I thought that this was more than enough information for them to digest. Besides, who could concentrate with sex on the mind. The old lady looked at me suggestively and winked, I took my leave awkwardly, telling them I would be back shortly to take the order and hopefully by then there would be some peace and quiet to understand each other. I headed over to the corner table and noticed my table of ladies were looking like ripe tomatoes as I approached the table. They were totally embarrassed as these events were unfolding. By now the moans were very pleasurable screams. So we looked at each other and we all giggled at each other. I said to them ” at least some of us are having a good time ” they started laughing at this but they seemed really uncomfortable.

My colleague overheard what was going on and of course got excited and wanted to hear for himself. He reaches outside and looks over in my direction. We looked at each other and immediately started laughing like little kids. He noticed the ladies in the corner looking over at the windows in total fascination. They couldn’t take their eyes off the window. My friend says to me as he looked over to ladies ” you know why they are so amazed by what’s going on ” I replied to him ” well I am not sure “. He quickly replies ” Steve, Steve, Steve you know why. Those ladies are jealous because they never had such an experience like this in their life” I told him he probably was absolutely correct.

Just about this time the last of the screams were taking place and there was no holding back. I think she was aware that her window was open and heard the giggles. It might have even got her more in the mood to showcase their skills. Finally the last long scream came and then it became much more quiet.

As I watched all my customers in astonishment I was expecting a round of applause for such a performance. In the end they all continued eating their meals and drank their wine as if nothing happened. But deep down we had all been a part of a strange afternoon delight!

9 thoughts on “Afternoon Delight

  1. hahahah….even I was amzed with such things happening I read ur blog twice i dnt know y…but it has amazed me a lot…here in india if anyone would do so they would be behind the bars and we would be teasing them like hell……

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