The Enemy behind your dish

The kitchen, where it all happens. From start to finish the kitchen makes it all happen. They do the preparing, cleaning and cooking of the fine food you eat. They do it all… that’s what the kitchen staff thinks.

I am going to start with this, not all staff that I have worked with think negatively of the front staff. The thing is for a large portion of chefs I have had to work with unfortunately think very critically of the front staff. It’s a big divide I admit to be in front of a customer and behind that inferno in the kitchen. At this moment I feel the need to write about the disdain between us. They can be abusive and unprofessional towards the staff they resent. I need to clarify something. I have worked with both types of chefs truthfully and I am not categorizing all chefs under this file. There is a certain power hungry type of chef who know they are the heads of the kitchen staff and get off on this.

This is why these types of chefs when on a TV show showing off their skills with Gordan Ramsay they get the beat down. I can hear him screaming “You call this a bloody carbonara, it tastes like shit”.

Deep down I know Gordan knows that he has to crack the whip to break the pompous attitude some these chefs have. There is no other way to get into their skulls. They are so proud of themselves that it stops them from growing as people. They think they’ve mastered the art of cooking but have barely scratched the surface. This day and age cooking is special and there are so many styles which need to be respected. Whether rustic or modern cuisine there is something always to learn.

The front staff in my opinion are not perfect and we have our quirks. We tend to be the lazier part of the equation but nonetheless are always willing to learn. Whenever there are dishes we don’t understand we ask. We don’t know it all even when it comes to our wines. We rather inform ourselves and evolve. Why do we question ourselves? Because our clients keep us accountable all the time. They are constantly asking us ,”is this meant to be this way” or “that’s not what you mentioned”. We are always under scrutiny. Whereas god forbid if you question the chef! They have knives as tools…

I hope to not offend people from the kitchen world but rather admonish them to a higher level of cuisine. When I approach a table and the customer tells me the fish is raw and you start yelling its well cooked yet it’s moving like jello maybe the  customer is right. Or maybe the dish you prepared looks a little off and doesn’t have the same love it usually does and the responsible waiter or busboy points it out and you ignore.. maybe it’s time to change career. Its gonna be ok I swear. Maybe a change of scenery could do you some good. They say misery loves company and I have seen this more often than not in the kitchen setting. The big reason… the chef who is unhappy.

Rather I appreciate the chefs who are always ready to learn in their profession and try new challenges. Those who take responsibility of the team. Who teach the hungry apprentices and help them get to the next level. I love the honest chefs who are not afraid to admit their mistakes. I especially enjoy a chef with open communication. With a understanding that what we do in the front is not easy. A chef that realizes we are a family and want what’s best for the restaurant and clients.

Once again I apologize to anyone this might offend. On a different subject I am at the moment trying to figure out if a podcast might be good addition to this blog/website. Please write to me if you agree if its a good idea and or please comment if this post resonates with you. Let the knives fly!!!


Thirsty Waiter

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