Dating Faux-Pas!

Ever been on a date with some one you hardly know to a restaurant? You did your homework right. He or she seems like they might suit you well. Good looking, nice attributes, seems to have same interests as you and by golly they even have a job!

You think to yourself going to a restaurant is the perfect way to meet this person which you found on Tinder or These types of situations are unarguably make or break type of moments. First date says it all.

Let’s say you had a cocktail together after introducing yourselves and get aquatinted. You order a few martinis and get into the grove. So far wow what a charmer, conversation is quite nice and the flow is pretty chill. You both decide to order a few appetizers to nibble on. You decide to share and this is going as good as it can get.

The food arrives and the waiter serves and explains the dish and walks away saying ” Bonne Appétit “. Your date looks at the dish and starts a child like tantrum. “Oh this is not what I expected, this is way smaller than I excepted!” They then start waving their hand in the air trying to get noticed. Finally after a while someone comes to the table. “Yes how may I help you?”. Your date at this point says ” First of all it took more than 3 min before someone came to see me. Second of all this food is not what was mentioned in the menu! I asked for the dish beef and cheese on top! All I see here is cheese and a cold thin meat…

The waiter at this point had enough and calmly says ” well what you ordered here is called a carpaccio and thus exactly what the menu explains!” So your date at this point loses their brains she/he is red like a ripe tomato and looks like the direct descendant of the devil. “Bring me the menu” obviously upset and can’t control their temper. So the waiter goes shaking his head to bring a menu. You can’t believe what just happened. This is not how you hoped it would go, but at this point the embarrassment is a little much. “You know I don’t mind this dish and I will gladly eat, so let’s forget this”. Your date gets even more upset and says ” I didn’t order this shit “.

Truth is I’ve seen many dates gone wrong. It seems so simple to be on your best behaviour and learn something new about a new person you have in countered. But men and women over complicate the experience sometimes. They think selfishly and do not genuinely look over to who they are really meeting. That person has a story and it’s not easy sometimes sharing it. Meanwhile while you have made a ass out of yourself and date the experience is gone already. There is no coming back.

The dating scene is tuff as it is. Most of the newer generations have real issues with relationships and marriage. A lot of it well founded but most of it is fear! Sorry I’m feeling a little Dr.Philish tonight.

All I’m saying guys is get your shit together if you going to take this person serious take yourself serious. Do some homework about the person. Find out what they like. What foods do they enjoy? Are they the music type or sporty type… and for god sakes realize the golden rule. The way you treat your waiter is the easiest way to tell what kind of person you are.

A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.

Dave Barry

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