Wash rinse and re-elect

Here we are. November 2nd 2020 and finally the day has come. This was a long time coming. It’s comforting to know there will be an end to this circus show. Well I hope so at least. Considering the current confusing electoral system our neighbour’s have inherited, we are certain to enjoy a good old freak show to the south of the border.

Why talk about this election? Why does the Thirstywaiter have to vent about these current conditions? Well most of this political mumbo jumbo is just that. It’s pure crap.

Doesn’t it grind your gears to see these hyperbolic fanatics who believe the system can be saved by one man or woman. Let’s be honest the reality lies in our friends, family, communities and relationships which are built on trust. We need to believe in these foundations and values without forgetting our ties to one another. Accepting and forgiving one another is the only way to keep this wheel rolling.

So without further ado let the circus continue and let us not forget WASH RINSE AND RE-ELECT!!!

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